Thursday, June 21, 2007

How does a candidate screw up an opportunity?

Remember that headhunters provide opportunities rather than jobs, we are agents in stepping you up in your career and providing you a good opportunity. When you see a headhunter or have been identified by one, obviously you are good at what you do and keen to explore some opportunities.

Here is a classic case of what happens when candidates get too demanding and greedy:

  • Deal goes sour – candidate becomes too greedy and demanding.

  • Candidates may want to take things in their own hands after the initial introduction and screws up their application by being too demanding and greedy.

There was one case where I was left out in the dark. The whole process took about one month. The offer letter was given and I had negotiated for a good salary package (which is slightly higher than expected) but the candidate got rejected why? Too greedy and demanding! After the negotiation and offer letter was sent out, the candidate decides to take things in their own hands.

This one took over a month and it did not end pleasantly. As a candidate, a professional or a athlete, you need to know that there is always someone out there who is better, less greedy and demanding than you are. You are always REPLACEABLE. Even if you have questions it is sometimes best that you liaise with your consultant because obviously your consultant knows market intelligence and company knowledge. Regardless of whether you have went through a headhunter or an online or a newspaper application, a CEO or a Hiring Manager does not want to be bombarded with a lot of questions, few different times.

Candidate was happy with the package but blatantly wanted to know more about the job demanded more information on allowances and so forth and approached my client blatantly. Candidate took advantage by calling the hiring managers on Sundays, blamed the company for being slow ‘when emails went in to her Spam mail’ and setting her expectations too high.

Typical recruitment sales cycle can take anything from 2 weeks to 2 months. You have to bear in mind that it takes a lot of time and energy in not only making the search but the need of taking care of the candidate and the client. Sometimes I believe selling cars might be easier dealing with people, cars simply do not talk.

If you like an opportunity take a weekend to think about it not a month. It also reflects badly on you given the fact that you take too long and you are just too overly concerned about intangible issues.

Go for an interview ready with your ammunition of questions. In Malaysia, company perks and benefits are rather similar across the board. Asking questions is always good, in this case being too demanding and asking too many questions did not really leave a good impression on the candidate hence no WIN-WIN situation here.

Candidate has a bad impression and the image of the headhunter has been slightly dented.

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