Thursday, June 28, 2007


Going for an interview?

Interviews are not just interviews these days as oppossed to maybe 5-6 years ago. The best avenue for information and market intelligence is in an interview. The best place to know more about your competitors and other companies is, the interview. It is who is participating in which tender or who is handling which project. It is basically to learn more about the market and also to value YOURSELF. I urge all to go for interviews once in a while, not that ure looking for a job but to check out what the market is like.

I currently represent an MNC Office Automation company and it is very very suprising that their competitors knows somuch about my client. Their knowledge encompasses about the quota, the product range and their customers and their sales people, who is good and who is not. It is like; if you work at Digi your knowledge about Maxis might be greater than those who work at Maxis itself. That is wht a candidate has told me before. She was schoked of the level of information which Digi had on Maxis, things she did not know about.

Well, in an interview you not only learn about the job, but also the people who is involved in a project. It is a question and answer game. Ask the right questions and you will get the right answers. Normally Q&A's stays in the four walls but sometimes words get around.

Anyway, i once had a candidate tell me not to position him for one of my clients because of this;

'Hope I'm not too late, can we skip (CLIENT NAME) so we do not waste your and your teams efforts. (CURRENT COMANY NAME) had previous dealing with them, and not in favourable terms, so they may make us go round and round or set an interview just to squeeze some info out of me'.

Well sometimes interviews can get sour and too emotional.

Anyway, before going into an interview, one of the important elements to remember is, asking questions. Kill your curiosity and do not be shy to answer questions, honesty is usually appreciated :).


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