Friday, June 15, 2007

Promises = Frustrations

I believe headhunters that make promises out there are throwing themselves in a hot pool of water. Don't they understand that they are dealing with peoples careers? It is very frustrating hearing stories of my clients telling me about their previous experiences and it is hard to gain back the trust of the candidate and sometimes the customer. I guess that is the nature of the job.

I have had some unsatisfied clients and candidates who often tell me that, so and so headhunter promised me results but were unable to deliver. 'A headhunter promised to get back to me but did not'. Worst, they do not return calls and even pick up. It makes me look and feel bad as a person and as a profession it is just unprofessional.

Another usual frustration is, CV's have also been circulated. I believe as a part of this business the P&C issue has to be with dealt with ultimate discretion. As a result of that, candidates get random calls from random agencies and sometimes unrelevant issues. Well, some people like it and some do not. I personally will not like it if my resume be passed around.

I mean, what is happening? Things like these frustrate me. Here we are trying to add-value to peoples lives and here are some of my other competitors promising undeliverable results and are creating a bad name for us, don't they often feel it themselves?

Headhunting is all about adding-value and enabling the right candidate to the right job fit. It is also about how well judge the persons strengths and skills and match it with the job and most importantly the company. This is why face to face meets is highly important. Phone calls and phone interviews do not work. In developing intimacy with your clients, meeting them is an essential element in developing a good fostered relationship.

I guess somewhere along the line, some of these elements have been abused.


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i agreed your thought.
i'm a full time channel builder in MLM since 2002 and positioned myself as a micro-entrepreneur and i loved the head hunting job very much. I used to head hunt those unknown prospect who're in top management. i failed and stop MLM business coz it doesn't mean success even i'm top recuirter. Currently i hope to join head hunting industry. pls refer some MNC for me.thanks.

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