Monday, September 24, 2007

Defining Strengths and achievements.

Writing a life document such as a CV not an easy task. Looking back on the years of experience and accumulated resourceful strengths and skills is difficult. You sometimes look at the white screen staring back at you.

Defining your strengths and achievements especially if you are a Senior Executive can be a daunting task, there could be too many to choose from, or you just do not know what your achievements are.

I found out one of the easiest way in doing this, everyone can try this regardless of your age and your years of experience, and this can bring back memories as well as some good laughs - good times. Thought i'd share it.

Take out a piece of A4 size paper, or a mahjong paper or better if you have a white board that you could write on.

List down all the achievements that you remember from start, ever since the first day you won your 100 meter dash or climbed up Mount Kinabalu. You will be surprised of what sort of achievements which you remember. It can start from school right up to obtaining your MBA or your first 1 million sales deal or your Cisco Certified Network Administrator certification/PMI and so on.

Your own personal achievements sometimes speak louder than your professional certifications in determining good attitudes, mental challenges and our of work activities. Interviewers/employers would like to see what you could bring in to the company besides your experience and skills. I can find a CCNA professional anywhere, but not a CCNA professional who has climbed Mount Kinabalu, cycled up Genting Highlands or been on the Asia 4*4 challenge. Having made known of your achievements, the blank paper has now activities which you a proud to share and to show. Your sheer determination in competing or the love of your hobby.

Once you have written it down chronologically which will take you back in time and giving yourself a chance to relook at your achievements and goals, you can handpicked those you would like to list down in your CV.

Extra Co-curicullar activities (Achievements)

  • Climbed up the Mount Kinabalu Expedition
    Competed in the Melaka International Triathlon.
    Consistently an active primary to high school athelete.(400 metres)
    Won the Art's VS Science Debate in University (Interstate level)
    CCNA, MCSE, MCP or PMI certified.
    Active in christian fellowship groups.
    Leader of the ........................ group.

List down all the achievements that you are proud of, from when you were young till today. Be proud of what you have done, as it made you what you are today. Do not be afraid to show it, your achievements are something no one can take away from you.

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