Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I believe in a personal touch.

Ever wondered why successful restaurants remain successful? I believe it is because of the nature of its personal touch of the owners. Each decor and its set-up itself has a personal touch. A good restaurant owner is always there cooking, serving, running the restaurant hence making a living, living his or her dream in owning a restaurant. If you look at the Prestige Top 40 below 40 magazine, I see a lot of restaurant owners. Their recipe for success is their personal touch and feel. Each restaurant has a personality. Restaurants such as, Las Carretas, Le Bouchon, La Bodega or big restaurants like Souled Out and Ninja Jones have their character and feel to it. It is definitely the hard work on being different and special. It is doing it your style and your way, it sets the tone and trend. We now all frequent these places due to its own nature. It is the owners perseverance and persistence in believing their vision or dream. Seeing it come true is always something nice, especially when it evolves to be a dining experience. I love dining out.

A restaurant is very much like an organization, SME or a large corporate Org. The staff are well-trained and groomed, there are set protocols and procedures, mentors and the owner like a CEO, engraining their culture with their staff.

I like doing what I do my way. I like to be personal and intimate professionally.

Passive Job Seekers:

Passive job seekers are people who are not actively looking for a job, however will deliberately listen receptively to a good opportunity. We do not find passive job-seekers through databases; we find them from referrals and active social networking. We approach them, though it can be difficult sometimes.

How do we find referrals? - Through being personal and intimate with our candidate’s especially passive job seekers. I am personal and intimate with my candidates. I also do not forget that passive job seekers are open to opportunities too 'someday'. Sometimes as some people have commented here; Headhunters will call them only when there is an opportunity hence if one does not fit the bill, it is like 'wham bam thank you ma'am'. You do not hear from the headhunter anymore. I believe that is wrong and it makes matters worst when I approach others. It is building a whole new foundation. Well I like that building new foundations anyway. Having a strong foundation always has its strenghts ie; a long-term professional relationship.

Being Personal:

In any industry, job or line of work, to a certain extend, being personal is a key relationship builder and a stronghold foundation to a long-term relationship and success. It is disheartening to know that a candidate will not fit a certain Job Description but who knows when an opportunity might come by?

Through this relationship that we've gained we get to learn all aspects of the job, the people, the industry, peoples lives and relevant point of views. These information is crucial to me in becoming better and more receptive and getting a better perspective in the global sphere on industry and people.

We are in the people business, selling knowledge, advice and experience. A hard days works is a new relationship built and a better days work is sealing a deal, getting another person a step-up, a new job, a new experience and a new life.
I like telling my candidates, ‘do not go in to an interview looking in getting a job, go in to the interview looking and learning in how you are able to get the job done.

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Zul said...

Very thoughtful insight. Thanks. And am glad to find someone with similar passion. Keep it up