Monday, September 10, 2007

Some thoughts..

I just visited MATRADE Global SME's tradeshow on Saturday. It was really productive. I met alot of people, professionals and entrepreneurs, learnt new businesses and technology. The enterprise market for sales has pretty much been saturated given political connections and lack of spending in the private sector. With regard to Technology the only forward for a lot of our local successful IT companies is targeting are now uncharted territories such as Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Cambodia where technology and IT Infrastructure can be improved. It is a new economic move for the financial healthiness for our local IT companies.

It was really interesting. What I could not understand is ‘why do companies with potential pay pretty faces to market their product at the event’, not having a proper supervisor or good sales support. I had a lot of questions with regard to their products, as it is both a learning curve and a knowledge gain for me. We not only go to fairs to get contacts, we also help market a business to a certain extend. WE SELL KNOWLEDGE. It is sad that I could see people loosing their attention and patients, getting frustrated about the incompetence of part-time daily paid unenthusiastic employees. What I am trying to say here is potential loss of business and inaccurate information. I believe companies at fairs should reward their staff more and get them to represent you.

For instance head-hunters network a lot as a part of business and contacts. We develop alot of contacts and when we identify a particular business need for a customer/friend or a potential business partner, we will recommend you. It works both ways, we could sell your business and also work for you with regard for recruitment.

A friend recently asked me, 'Do you know of any Mobile Marketing Companies for our SMS blast campaigns?' So i recommended her a company which I have spoken their to account manager before, true enough she is using their product now. Another friend from a rather medium-sized business asked for some Office Automation products and I recommended him my clients products and recommended the Sales Specialist which I have positioned for that company. It works both ways for us headhunters, know the company know the product! That way we are able to promote our clients and other businesses.

Just recently about two months ago, I worked on rather two junior positions. Both of them were for a Software Engineer post. After interviews, salary negotiations and coming to signing the offer letter, to my suprise both my candidates asked me, 'So what are my charges which I need to pay you for getting me a job'? I actually laughed in astonishment. They both have about 3-4 years of experience. That was when I gathered that, headhunting or recruitment in junior positions has not been spoilt. If I provided a good service, chances of them coming back to me are high and I will be referred to others.

Well I was happy that I was able to provide them with new opportunities. Although I do not normally do very junior positions, I was generally satisfied and happy. It was not as stressful as middle management positions but something in me told me to give these two potential candidates an opportunity.
It is all about building a relationship. In any businesses at all, relationship is very important. Its not about sucking up its merely maintaining a professional touch and a personal feel to little things that usually goes a long way. It’s the little effort you do for your candidates and the added personal value you have with your clients and their BRAND.


Anonymous said...


I recently discovered your blog. You are very accurate in what you describe in your posts and I respect you for your sincerity in your writing. I am a senior level IT executive who has rarely had a good experience with a headhunter. I know all the do's and don't's of working with a headhunter and I have been in touch with a diverse set of executive search firms across Asia over the span of many years. The reason I say I have not had a good experience with headhunters is because most of the ones I have interacted with are not really interested to cultivate a long term relationship with me other than to deal with matching job with my skills at that particular point in time. If I don't meet their prerequisites, I never hear from them again. If they have me on their radar for a particular assignment, they are nice to me but they never update me on the progress. I do follow up but it's always a one way street when it comes to communications. As such, I now tend to take matters in my own hands. I am now in between jobs and am back in the job market looking for senior level management positions in APAC. Although I tell headhunters about my availability, I do not expect them to help me. I now go direct to senior executives of MNCs to enquire about their APAC business requirements. I get much better responses as a result. I'm not saying you are not a good headhunter and to tell you the truth, I think you are one of the special ones out there, but I have been jaded by bad headhunters so much that I no longer have any faith in them anymore. Best of luck to you in your career and I wish you continued success!

The Headhunter said...

Hi There,

Thank you for your comments. I appreciate your feedback and thank you for your kind words.

I understand your situation and i myself have been in situations as yourself as a person that has been headhunted by and no contact after.

It is also always good to approach top-executives if you know them. It is faster as well as in your case more profecient and better responses.

Alot of professionals out there feel the same way as you, which in turn sometimes makes life harder for us. But what is life without a challenge :).

I would be very happy to have you as one of our candidates. I would like to assist you.

If you would like to work together please drop me an email address i could contact you at. Otherwise you could email me at

Once again, thank you for your comment and all the best.