Thursday, October 4, 2007

Positive Mental Attitude

Don’t you think a lot we do and our achievements come from having a positive attitude better a POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE. So far I have read three good books which is:

Robert Ringer: Million Dollar Habits
Ryan Walter: Off the Bench into the game
I forgot the third one.

What all these books have in common is explaining and helping you to always be on the ball, accelerate and adopting the POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE HABIT.

“The philosophy of having a positive mental attitude is the belief that one can increase achievement through optimistic thought processes. Having a vision of good natured change in the mind. The state of mind that continues to seek, find ,and execute ways to win regardless of the circumstances.” (

This is indeed very true. Us headhunters make a lot of calls. Like Sales Consultants at times we get rejected and at times a deal or a case does not go through. How does a Positive Mental Attitude help here, its enables us to think straight, help us overcome the rejection and move on to the new opportunity. Rejection is painful and frustrating hence why a lot of people cannot do sales and sometimes unable to be discipline and follow up and chase the opportunity. This applies to everyone including Engineers, Teachers (Especially in Malaysia), Entrepreneurs, Project Managers, Editors, CEO’s, Senior Executives in every industry and many more. They have what it takes to always move forward whether with time or technology it’s the total focus and energy that makes people successful and assume positions in which they are today.

A Positive Mental Attitude can help in many ways and in a lot of situations. It just needs a lot of development to always think that there will be a positive outcome through every negative experience, not to give up and not to give in. Such as this person, Viktor Frankl lived in the Nazi jail for three years having eating his own excrement and tortured and live to tell a story, Colonel Sanders who tried to sell his recipe to more than a thousand restaurants and this one my favorite of Abraham Lincoln:

After loosing eight elections, failed in business many times and suffered a nervous breakdown, Abraham Lincoln could have quit many times, but he didn't. Instead, after each defeat he would pick himself up and press forward until he achieved his aspirations because he was determined and committed to make his political dreams come true, he would get up each time he was knocked down. He knew the only way to gain ground, to move forward, to march on, and to turn his goals into reality, was to learn from his setbacks and failures.

True personification of Positive Mental Attitude.

I believe in all we do all we need to take with us is our attitude and thinking in developing a positive mental habit. We strive, we drive and we thrive because our healthy mind enables us any by locking that if our thinking towards our abilities in achieving and getting what we want.

It is always good to envision good returns in my case a healthy case of my finding someone else a new career progression. Helping yourself create this awareness will get you places. I often look and observe successful people and what they posses is this ability to move forward and their with focus in developing attitudes like this. Top Executives get shut down a lot by either bottom up management or vice versa, but at the end of the day they strive to create change, by looking at a macro level of change management with determination that this model of management will work and their power to make it work.

Move forward and make things happen.