Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Brand New, New Year..

Its been two brand new, new years. We came into 2008 and we are currently celebrating Chinese New Year.

So far it has been good. Looking at the industry, we expect alot of resignations and new request for positions real soon. Why? People are resigning after their bonusses and increments, also, most companies now have finalize their Resource Plannning and Headcount adjustments.

It will be an interesting year for IT. I recently read TheEdge and in responding to the Goverment sector spending in Technology/ICT, research is looking at about 1++++ new jobs in the IT sector itself.

Under my demands are still niche technical positions and the usual suspects such as developers, BA's, Consultants from Oracle, Navision to SAP and so forth.

I would like to wish everyone out there a Happy Chinese New year and a good year ahead.

One of my new years resolutions is to write 'a post weekly'. Lets see how that stands.

- I just brief my candidate minutes ago, before he went in an interview and i said this -

.....'Go into the interview telling the interviewer what you would like them to know about yourself rather than let them ask about yourself'...Its like addressing a crowd, you brief the audience on what they should know rather than them coming to find out, because they already know the cause and the interviewer has alredy read your CV' :)