Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A good interview that ended up GREAT!

Had an interview a week back for a Senior Lotus Notes Application Developer. We both, candidate and headhunter had the mindset on this position and the usual brief chat and so forth, so the interview begin. As usual, while discussing his experience – an end user lotus notes support and IT Executive with a renowned MNC consumer company, I noticed that this candidate has a lot more to deliver than what is on his CV. He has 5 years of experience in a support environment.

This was not listed on his CV – Project Implementation, Software Lifecycle, End-User presentations, End-user Business Process Re-engineering, Migration, User Gathering and Identifying and Qualifying Cost-Savings Solutions for departments. His CV and the interview lead more to a developer role and an IT Executive role. After about an hour and having dug deeper in to his role and long talks and getting more out of him, I identified great potential. He has all the abilities in being a Business Analyst or a Pre-sales consultant, because he spoke very well and was very confident and had the making and experience needed. Clearly he had all the desired requirements and experience to take up a more challenging role rather than just a step up. This is a leap up and a different experience all together, leaving the sphere of developement and jumping into a customer fronting environment and performing customer add-value work. From an end user perspective into a reversal role. Now he has the domain knowledge because he was from the end user environment, he knows the flaws and possible problems, and being in the opposite role, he now knows his add-value to the client!

We brainstormed, drew out a plan on the whiteboard, he explained to me certain processes in his company and I thought, wow this person has good potential. Daring enough to take the opportunity, he is furnishing his CV and resending it back to me for my client who needs a business analyst for both software and middleware applications combined! This candidate fits the bill, after a long process of identifying prospects and a little persuasion ofcourse. He is now a step above his game and assuming a greater post, rather than be a Senior Developer. We both identified better and new opportunities. This is the upside to an interview and talking to an industry centric headhunter.

That was a good interview went well!


Zul said...

Hi there, that was good entry you had there. I was looking for a head hunter in telecoms sector in Malaysia and it led me to your side. I am wondering whether I can be in touch with with to understand the landscape in Malaysia, as far as telecoms jobs are concerned. I's currently based in Europe. Is there any email that I can contact you at? Thanks a bunch.

Jonathan said...

Hi Zul,

You could email me at:


Zul said...

Hi Jonathan,

Do check your email once you've got the time to do so. I sent an email to that email address.