Wednesday, March 12, 2008

These few weeks.

Its been a good start. Really good start.

I've been visiting a few local SI companies lately and sad to say, i do not see any Staff Development plans for alot of our local companies for their employees. I came from an SI company from the HR department and its main agenda was always to stress and focus on Staff Development.

Alot of development plans for staff is usually certifications. When you certify consultants they are usually bonded for a year or 6 months and that is one retaining factor. If you ask me, staff should be compensated more when they are re-certified because, other companies will be willing to 'buy-out' staff.

It is important that in IT a career development plan is instilled in the total overall culture especially in Malaysia. Business is always there, whether it is the private or public sector, at the end of the day the public sector is always spending but unfortunately big tenders goes to big credible companies or ABC companies.

Well, Career Development why? Other than using it as a retaining factor a company should always have its resource plan for now and for the future. For instance, one company has a Middle Management team together with an Executive Management team, where staff from 3-5 years has a say and 5-10 years have a say on its companies processes and overall structure during feedback or planning meetings. Having that in place would mean that the employee will know that it is a democratic culture where by they are able to voice out opinions and to find a solution to a problem. Although it is a 50/50 chance on winning and implementing a new structure, the employee knows that the employer is listening. It is an instilled feeling that the employee has on its management and also the management will know how its companies culture is holding up and will implement policies accordingly.

An IT job can be at times very monotonous, especially in programming or development. In industry, these people will jump for a basic salary increase of just RM200. Believe me it happens and it happens a lot. Why? People get bored, they go to work and project and it’s the same thing different day, as the say (same shit different day). It is frustrating for employers; because the workload will be passed on to another programmer and that programmer because of the workload will jump for another RM200J.

So instead of staff having to come to work and perform coding or modifications everyday for 2 years, a good 2 year executive employee plan will be a good way to move forward. Letting them know that there is a career path for them within a a 2 year period, they will be promoted and in achieving your KPI you will not only be paid to be certified but you will be moving up to a senior post.

In this case HR has to be very hands on in Staff Development and management. They will be an asset to the company and also a member of the Risk Management Team because when a new policy or structure is impose it effects the whole company. Currently HR Development Managers are very highly paid, because they know how change management will effect companies and like business analayst they will come in and analyze current situations, study the organization closely with business heads and also implement policies that will turn around the business (Business Process Re-engineering) as a whole.
I pretty much like to liaise with companies that has a good career development plan for their employees.


Darth Perfidious said...

If you're talking to folk in development who think it's monotonous, then these aren't the developers which make it in the industry. Perhaps in Malaysia, where development == customization, but certainly not in proper development outfits where development is innovation and an actual creative process.

Good developers take pride in their work, and they aren't going to be the types who'd hop for RM200. They may hop however if the environment for them to create new technology is stunted or affected in anyway.

Seriously though, we hunt for developers all the time, and one reason we do not use headhunters is most headhunters have no clue what makes a good developer. It's certainly not the programming tools you know nor the languages you think you know. It's the attitude and the thought process which is more important.

Darth Perfidious said...

and i forgot to add, if you think certifications are it, let me show you the trashed CVs of tens and hundreds of "certified" individuals who are not worth the certifications.

for example, a claimed CCNA who can't describe what the TCP 3-way handshake is, nor are CCNE who could articulate how MPLS works nor how a stateful packet filtering firewall handles itself.