Saturday, May 24, 2008

The World Congress of Information Technology

Visited WCIT on Tuesday and Wednesday. It was such a good event. I spent about 4-5 hours each day attending a few talks and purely networking. The better you know the industry the more add value you are to others and the more interesting it becomes when attending these events. It was such a big event with top companies in Information Technology and Communications using the 4P’s of marketing at its best. Amongst the top booths which I remember visiting was RedTone, GreenPacket, Fuji Xerox, Dell, Intel, the State IT enquiry showcase, our governmental e-kiosk and many more. Their displays was really good and employee’s was on their feet entertaining our enquiries.

Overall, met a lot of new people and exchanged industry knowledge and shared a lot of market knowledge on hiring and recruitment. I sense a different feeling when people talk to me at these days at aforesaid events. I like engaging on knowledge conversations because you are talking to top people in industry. A bulk of information about competitors and business direction is actually gained from attending such events and you get to see companies showcasing their new product line and services. I guess it all takes efforts; you need the effort when you talk to people.

I attended Leo Ariyanayakam’s talk on Scicom’s business. I was actually impressed with his vision on making Scicom a centre of excellence and education forall-centre agents and his sheer hardwork and determination to making it work. He is one visionary which I was impressed with and his facts and knowledge on the Call-centre business was really in-depth of views from all points. He gave me new insides on the business and predicts by 2012 Malaysia will need slightly over 50’000 call centre agents. He outlines how call-centre is a career building opportunity for graduates or any individuals at all. Having this in mind, I agree with this being a career milestone for a person. Imagine if you do not have a degree and only a diploma or a SPM certificate but have worked in a bank for a few years, a company like Scicom is able to give you a new job as a customer services officer and you would able to rise to the ranks of a level-3 or a call-centre team leader. It is etiquette and how you handle people over the phone. To a certain extend, technical knowledge is not a necessary, depending on which customers you are assigned to, whether a bank or an IT firm. School leavers can grow in a call-centre environment and able to keep our employment rate low and staying at work and not robbing and snatching handbags from our sisters who are walking outside of their houses. I must say the call-centre as a career opportunity also pays well. Like I said in previous posts, with two separate graduates one in a call-centre and one in a software development house, the potential earnings of the call-centre agent is possibly higher than the s/w developer two years after graduating.

Well back to WCIT, this is one of the most informative events I’ve been to. I also like the level of creativeness that firms uses to attract participants to their booths from pretty girls, mimes, excellent tech. displays, freebies, accessorizing their display booths and not forgetting Basis Bay’s Lotus Exige. Another factor which I also realize is how detail and committed employees are to their companies. I see employee’s cleaning their booth’s window with a cloth and a window cleaner, adding small detail to making their booth look nice and simply standing there for our in inviting people in for a chat. They are really committed and it was really good to see.

Another brilliant event hosted in Malaysia and I hope to see more. It was really impressive.


Darth Perfidious said...

heh, impressive. wonder what you thought of my talk and our offerings at wcit.

of course, revealing that would be revealing who i am now, innit ?

nevertheless, i share some of your sentiments, but i've got a different experience coming as both a speaker and as an exhibitor having to deal with the agencies involved.

Bubbly Summer said...

Was in WCIT 08 too. but not as a delegate though.

Glad you experienced something great there. =)