Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Petrol Price Hike =]

Guess what it has affected my work too. I guess it affects everyone as it is a vicious chain reaction.

Got a call from one of my candidates yesterday – she lives near Puchong and works in CyberJaya which is relatively near to her home. I shortlisted her for a position in Damansara and she was pretty happy with it until Monday. She called me informing me that she is reluctant to move and it is more expensive due to the petrol hike and would spend more on petrol. I actually got her a 20% increment from her current package. Fact is, the increment would just be enough to cover the petrol as it is so expensive now and does not justify her move. Although she works in Cyberjaya and lives in Puchong, Cyberjaya is still relatively nearer to Puchong. She would move if the company gave her a further 10% increment. That sucks! But I understand the situation.

On a lighter note, I have a candidate working in KL and living in Kepong. He is pretty happy that the new job is located in Damansara which is closer to his house. He highlighted that travelling is now so expensive. He is due for an increment in July with his current company but is considering my clients offer because; even if my clients offer is slightly higher than his company’s increment, Damansara is closer to Kepong as oppose to downtown KL.

Another reason we headhunters have to consider now is the distance for our candidates. Being in IT a lot of companies are based in Cyberjaya. Most companies have just released their increment to their staff as early as March 2008 and due to the petrol hike now, their increment has just gone down the drain! I think we will see a lot of movement.

More and more companies are paying above the market rate for exceptional candidates but I foresee the folks at Cyberjaya reviewing their salary structure or have to come with new incentive travelling benefits for their existing staff. Travelling to Cyberjaya from KL, PJ, Seremban is very very costly. To add to that our food prices will increase and this will contribute to the bigger hole that our pocket currently has. Lets just not look at Cyberjaya, maybe even KL and Technoloy Park - Bukit Jalil might have to do something with their salaries.

As far as I know, sales travelling benefits for Sales Executives is about RM500-600 in Klang Valley for our local listed companies. I wonder whether this will be reviewed as the nature of a sales job requires alot of traveling. This will hurt especially for fixed income individuals. I actually forgot to add in my pain! I travel between 40-60 km’s daily and this too actually hurts me.

Have you guys heard of Unos? Maybe if you do not need to go back to the office but have a hi-tech phone ‘wifi enabled, 3G, GPRS’ you will be able to get push mail and many more. Check it out at: http://www.myunos.com/main.html - I have it, I think you should too. That way if you do not have a laptop and have a good phone, you’re pretty much SET, think about it!

You guys feeling the petrol hike painful?