Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Why companies should use Executive Search.

Benefits of using Executive Search.

Executive Search consultants or headhunters are professionals in identifying talent across industries for companies that have immediate or long term recruitment needs. Search services is engaged by companies or organizations which require a vacancy to be filled and have difficulty looking for the desired person or used for future resource planning for a company.

Their service reaches throughout more of the hiring process. These includes conducting detailed reports and interviews, only presenting the candidates to clients where they feel the candidate in question will fit into the employment culture of the client along with the correct experiences and desired skill-set.

Executive searches add value to an organization in many ways. Often enough, headhunters are engage for these few reasons:


· I use to work as a HR Executive in a leading local public-listed IT company and I have faced difficulties looking for people in a desired timeframe. Let’s face it, everyone is always busy and it is difficult having to screen 300 web-based CV’s for a position which we have advertised for, from one of our local leading online recruitment companies. This does not include calling candidates and making appointments for an interview which in my encounters, candidates do not turn up or will reschedule.

· Time is on your hands and you have your KPI’s and deliverables to meet for a recruitment cycle. Well, this is where engaging executive search services saves you time. Once a services fee has been agreed upon, headhunters are able to spearhead directly into the industry and search for the relevant and required people with a desired skill-set. Be it a CEO or a Project Manager, headhunters are able to find these talents which meet your requirement in a shorter timeline.

· When dealing with an experienced headhunter or an executive search consultancy, preliminary interviews are conducted, behavioral and skill-based competencies are measured and character to job matching profiles are carefully evaluated, thus leaving the employer to meet the candidates upon receiving the profile and conduct their own interview to ensure a total fit for the organization.

· Time is crucial therefore engaging executive search services will not only take away your headache but saves you time.

Specialization Positions:

· Candidates are able to bluff their way at interviews at times. What may seem good on paper might prevail to be a hiring mistake by hiring managers months later. A CV is a great marketing tool and it may lead you to think that this is the best candidate at a glance. This is very common in end-user recruitment and many make this mistake. Candidates may boast that they have done a brilliant job throughout their experience but in retrospect after a headhunter does their industry reference check, it could be a deception.

· Mistakes will and does happen in recruiting the right candidate. When dealing with a specialized headhunter, you can avoid these mishaps because other than having lots of contacts and relationships in a specific industry headhunters have strong character references.

· Headhunters are specialized in their specific industries and this gives employers an advantage with working with an industry-centric headhunter. Whether it is the engineering, finance, IT or telecommunications industries, headhunters are familiar with their industries. Headhunters are familiar with industry jargon and are updated with new information from their industry, simply by talking to candidates on a daily basis. They are able to walk in the hiring managers shoes and determine the right skills needed of a person for the job.


· Search consultants are result driven like any other employee in a different industry. As there is a strong reliance on headhunters to fulfill a position for a company, they take ownership of the assignment and strive to deliver their best for the client.

· As said earlier-on in this article, headhunters see through the hiring process, salary negotiation until the commencement of work of the candidate. These initiatives take away the hassles of dealing with people who do not turn up to work after signing the offer letter and at times resigning in such a short period frame, because search companies usually have a guarantee period as an assurance because of the services fee incurred. Headhunters usually manage the whole hiring process to ensure that their clients have found a competent candidate and the candidate is happy with the new employer. The gap is now closed.

Executive search services have helped many companies achieve its value of finding the right candidate for the right job at the right time. As far as headhunting goes, a lot of companies have relied on their services for timely staffing and to take away unnecessary headache’s from the HR function within the organization. High performers and competent staff re hard to identify this is where an executive search services bring you the best and matches an organization with the ideal candidate.