Tuesday, February 3, 2009

About CCIE...

I was talking to a client about two weeks back and it was bugging me that both of us did not know an accurate number of CCIE (Cisco Certified Internet Expert) holders in Malaysia. Well, they asked how hard it is to search for CCIE certified engineers and I told her that a couple of years ago there were only 20. So it would be a challenging assignment. I told her that there would be less than a hundred today and she said, well she heard from other headhunters that it was about 2-300. So I was shocked that I thought I did not know my facts right and my figures were wrong, felt a bit stupid.

I was kind of taken a back, because when I was in HR a couple of years back, an employee wanted to apply for the course and had mentioned that there were only about 20 certified holders in Malaysia. It was pretty hard to believe that there are 2-300 at this moment of time, as it is expensive, extremely difficult to obtain with stringent requirements and expectations and also at that time you had to travel abroad to take the exam.

So here was my email to her:

“………With regards to the CCIE certification and because it was disturbing me, I called CISCO Malaysia and they verified that they are only 86 CCIE holders and practitioners in Malaysia. I spoke to one of the people from the Marketing Academy team of CISCO. I had an employee when I was in HR; who wanted to apply for the certification about 5 years ago, told me that they were less than 20 CCIE engineers in Malaysia at that time. So by the looks of it, the growing rate for CCIE is about 10-15 engineers per year up to date. I thought we could both share this information….”

Things I do for my clients…..and half past six IT headhunters with inaccurate information..


-jM said...

Had a meeting with the biggest IT integrator here in Doha yesterday and he mentioned that they had 14 CCIEs which I thought was quite impressive and they have 120 Cisco engineers! Quite alot me thinks for a population of only 1.5million.

Dinesh said...

statistics, certifications, and lies.

while the CCIE is by itself admirable, it still is no replacement for someone who understands Internet Engineering explicitly. of the 80+ CCIEs you mentioned, i've met 5, and all are unable to elucidate on the mechanics of a TCP connection, as well as the connection state thereafter.

vendor-driven certifications by itself may arm someone with the required skills to configure the vendor's product, but it is no replacement for knowledge gained in the network engineering portions of any good computer science program.

The Headhunter said...

Hi Dinesh,

I understand where you're coming from. Same goes to most other certifications we get here: CCNA, CCNP, MCSE etc...Their certificiation do not speak for their level of technical networking experience and knowledge rather a front to value themselves a little bit more. That is pretty common.

Unfortunately the 5 that you have met may already have lost their technical capabilities and competencies, but to some, these certifications are of continuous learning for their betterment of their own careers and knowledge. Maybe those are the people you might be looking for.

Fortunately for me, i have met two so far, who are not only good at what they do, but driven passionately in network engineering both in their late 30's, oh and also earning alot of money.

Dinesh said...

perhaps, but the knowledge i'm talking about remains with you forever, as opposed to not knowing how to configure the latest version of a router or ccm.

it's base understanding of networking i was referring to.

Jonathan said...

Hi Dinesh,



Trainpro said...
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