Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So far of 2009~

How is everyone this New Year? As for myself I have been fairly busy not only with the festivities but also striving to keep positive in this current downturn which is currently expected to be the worst recession, nastier than 1997. At least the petrol price is much lesser than it was expected to be, some consolation.

There is plenty of negativity around about the gloomy recession that is hitting various industries and I hate to do this, but I am going to rub it in a little.

Motorola, Flextronics, GlaxoSmithKline, Panasonic, Intel, Agilent Technologies, Logitech, Microsoft, BASF, Western Digital and even Google are expected to lay off workers by the thousands globally. I have the figures but I feel that I should not put it on. These are powerhouse companies which give opportunities to a lot of people of different payscales to keep afloat. These companies provide opportunity to keep people employed, to keep our employment rate low and to provide people with lesser education employed. It definitely is unpredictable at this time. However friends, who are bankers and auditors, predict that this will last 18 months. Well 18 months is a long time.

Well, it is currently back in the EMPLOYERS market. There are still opportunities in the market at the moment but they are not being advertised as most business is trying to be creative, hence if advertised their competitors will know their next move. In the IT industry, business and employment is definitely slowing down, particularly for management levels but the usual technical positions are still in need. Sales positions are also growing and as we know, closed tenders are open for being bidding again, big boys are sizing down the channel sales partners and also very picky at it and most companies are basically surviving on maintenance and existing contracts.

It has definitely slowed down; a lot of big reputable local, regional and Multinational corporates have slashed or frozen their headcount. I have had a lot of calls from candidates, but my advice to all jobseekers is to stay put and not rush into any blatant opportunity because you will not get an opportunity which you WANT. I am biting my tongue by saying this but it is my advice and careful with a job opportunity.

Things to consider – Company, company stability, company size, on-going projects, growth opportunities, superior’s attitude, company direction, company listing and even the work place itself.

Why I say this is because there isn’t much opportunities out there as there was like last year or last two years and employers will be choosy and more careful on their hirers. Be tactful, if dealing with a headhunter make sure to ask questions and go through the opportunity in detail with the headhunter. Good headhunters do that even at these periods, now I speak for myself :).

Be positive, look forward to good growth, always have a positive mindset to counter negativities, get out there and do more sporting and healthy activities and have a good day.

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