Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Professional Feedback.

My next post will be about something personal that happens to all headhunters. This post kinds of relate to the next post because sometimes hiring managers can be rubbish too. Literally. This was once when I had a very good candidate on hand. I like the attitude, the experience speaks a lot of the candidate’s capabilities and the candidate is young, dynamic, aggressive and a real go getter. This is someone that knows where she wants to be.

When we head-hunt a candidate and even when we have matched made to a companies need, obviously this has already carried some weight. Our report together with the CV was liked by the client/hiring manager and the candidate was called for the interview. This is for a mid level role.

Some facts about headhunting. Match making has already begun even before the client interview. We have head-hunted the candidate, shortlisted, produced a report and most importantly qualified her for the role. Then the interview. Usually the client has to vet through the profile and only when it suits I will proceed to arrange the client meeting with candidate. Then it is totally up to the candidate.

Well, the candidate went for an interview and on their point of view it went well. Funny enough when I got the feedback from HR, she said, the hiring manager said, meeting the candidate was a waste of time’.

Waste of time?

Come on, how can you say that about someone you have pre-qualified and called for an interview when the headhunter has also qualified and has interviewed the candidate? Headhunters are specific and they cater to the job need and to say that a candidate was a waste of time, it is just wrong. Feedback is meant to be constructive – whether negative or positive because weaknesses can be turned into strengths.

Hiring managers should always provide positive or negative feedback for us to fine tune our search or even so that I am able to gauge what went wrong in the interview so that I could help he candidate in future. Hiring managers should provide PROFESSIONAL feedback. I was quite taken a back, because my client is a reputable company and they have very credible people in the company. I was wondering would this be people that I would like my candidates to report to? I guess ‘I don’t think so’. My point being that, feedback should always be professional.