Thursday, April 9, 2009

Interview outcome.

I think as a headhunter, hiring manager or CEO, one of the important factors to have for an interview is A goal. Think about it. In an interview, we are going to meet someone we have not met before or will never meet again and most importantly someone whom we are going to hire. It is very crucial that once you receive a formal document i.e.; CV, you need to set a goal of the outcome of the interview.

For instance when I used to interview potential candidates for my previous company when I was in HR, I use to plan my goals for an interview. Every one person we interview is unique therefore if there is no plan that has been set, such as asking specific question pertaining to what has been listed in the CV, trust me, you will not asked the question. It will just be a conventional interview like the question and answer game.

A plan can be a simple plan on how the interview is to be conducted. Whether you would like it to be a very formal or informal interview. It depends on your goal outcome. If you set a goal that, you wanted to know more about a persons personal capabilities rather than work capabilities, well list it down. I usually write a few questions on the back of the CV or I have rough markings on the CV so I will know that I have questions pertaining to what is listed in the CV. If you would like to study or learn about a persons thought flow and how well an individual responds to a specific situation, do explain your question in such a way that you expect different answers back. Answer which you expect and do not expect, but at-least rational.

I plan my interviews because I have questions for my clients which I require to vet through first. I plan my questions and also I plan the interview on what I want to achieve out of the candidate. If there is no set goal or no expectation out of an interview, time will be wasted OR you will need to either call or clarify further with the candidate which In time will waste more time.

So good planning and setting a clear cut goal of what you want to achieve in a meeting will be clear. Such as in project meetings or client meetings, you plan your goals….

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