Friday, April 10, 2009


I've noticed that more and more companies are now putting in hard work on staff retention, particularly with IT companies where turnover is high. There are still a handful of companies looking for middle management staff and specialized skillsets ie - SAP and Oracle DBA's. Those with 3 years of experience in IT have less opportunities but those who are Team Lead's, Project Managers, Service Managers, Operation Managers, Performance Manages, Supply Chain Managers (IT) are in very much demand now. There are alot companies that are hiring and identifying good talent, but try alternative job search other than jobs sites, perhaps even go directly. Pick up the phone call HR and tell them that you are in search of a job and open your doors for them! Talent war is still alive and believe me that we are also fighting for good talent.
Don't wait as in this economic outlook, you have to work a little bit harder..Everyone has to work harder in everything...Despite the lay-off's people are also able to find employment. Oh and constantly work with good headhunters...

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