Friday, April 10, 2009

Working with headhunters.

I’ve done some stat analysis of this website and over the past few weeks I’ve came across readers which usually Google this ‘working with a headhunter, how does a headhunter work or headhunter Malaysia’. Thanks to Histat’s I am able to obtain information as such. Over the past few weeks I’ve been getting new readers too, so it says two things, many people are looking for jobs or this website has been circulating. I thank everyone for this. Thank you very much I am glad I am able to give you an inside to what I do and if at all I am able to help I will continue too.

Today, I’m going to write about snippets of headhunting on how you can work with your headhunter. Most of the time when a headhunter has contacted you, the headhunter will have an opportunity for you, a career opportunity. They won’t waste their time identifying people they usually do not need. We are on an assignment for a client who we need to identify talents and match their strengths to our clients needs. When we have identified you, we have an opportunity for you. Simple as that. We work on an assignment basis because we get paid our consultancy services from the client.

At this point of time, today, now!, we have more calls from candidates or people who are looking for new opportunities because of retrenchment, looking for a company which provide more job security or exploring new opportunities. Oh I’d like to share that over the course of last few weeks, I’ve been getting many calls from IT Sales consultants, looking to move out of IT if there is a possibility…Anyway, since there are more people that have been giving us calls, we will usually try our level best to help candidates that are looking out for opportunities by helping them open door through clients we have built relationships with and through our business contacts. We are able to do that, or I speak for myself in that matter.

So ideally headhunters work on an assignment basis. If you call a headhunter now to look for an opportunity which by chance the headhunter is working on an assignment which matches your strengths, then it is a plus. However a lot of times, this happens when you have a headhunter that specializes in a specific industry not a generalist headhunter. So pick and choose wisely and do some background research on the headhunting company or ask the headhunter which industry is he or he specializing in.

Best ways to work with headhunters:

Make the call and establish the relationship.

Build rapport.

Follow up calls and stay on their radars.

Keep us updated.

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