Thursday, May 14, 2009

So far.....

This is going to be a very quick one, as I have been busy with some new transitions and a new endeavor. Nevertheless I should always find time to update my blog. Like twitter. Follow me, I am at

It is good, it is a good sign. The market again is picking up slowly. When I say market I mean the job market. I guess in that sense the business market is also picking up. I have had a few clients who are now re-hiring and new clients hiring. These are reputable companies which froze their recruitment for Q1. I guess most companies have put in place new strategies to combat the global economic issue and also have finally digested the issue and moved forward. This is always a good sign because we are able to help our clients fulfill their headcount and although it is still the employers market, there are jobs available out there. Jobseekers now experience that the difficulties looking for a job hence job retention strategies might be of a lesser burden and employees stick to where they are.

There is more technical positions available comparing to sales positions. Basically they way I see it is simple, GM’s, CEO’s and CTO’s now are able to push for sales for their company because at the end of the day, these are people that know their business well and understand their industry better than newcomers, but when it comes to technical positions, such as like a SAP MM consultant, you cannot just throw a rock and expect to hit one in the market like you can hit a DATUK everywhere, these are the niche specializations which you need to have when you are on a project or supporting a particular solution.

So the job-market is getting slightly better. There are less and less companies that are retrenching (based on my everyday newspaper readings) and companies have put in new stimulus in combating the global economic issue.

Will update soon..Cheers!