Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Employment Hint.

There has been a lot of articles in the press lately addressing issues pertaining to enhancing your employment. But I find that the issues brought forward are too repetitive. Such as, do your research, write a good CV, networking etc. I thought I would share something which I hope it can benefit a few people.

Apart from all of those ways of enhancing employment here is a piece that a lot of people aren’t doing or thought of doing.

Firstly do your research, think about companies which you would like to be employed with or companies which you see yourself having a future with. Do some research on that company to see if they happen to have released or post any job advertisements or dive into their careers page. Check out their vacancies. Usually they would have an email address which you could write too, but believe it or not, you are usually one of the few hundred that has written in. Through this you are not only browsing their website but also learning their business. Other ways to see who are hiring in your own domain or specialty is, log on to Jobstreet and JobsDB and do a search based on your job profile. Check out the companies that are hiring ad GO DIRECT, because once again when you apply, you are some of the few hundreds.

Secondly once that is done and you have found something, identify the contact details of the company. This is where you need to take it a step further and a lot of times how we headhunters do it. Call directly and obtain the HR Managers or the person who is in-charge of recruitment’s email address or if you would like talk to the respective HR Manager, go ahead. Make sure you also get the names of the person. Of-course it is easier said than done, but this is a good way of showing initiative, drive and that you are serious in getting yourself employed. The receptionist is usually quite difficult when giving out information as such, but if you could convince the ‘gatekeeper’ and obtain the details you need, you will see that the HR Manager will be looking at your email when you are able to get into the door. Try to get the email address and e-mail your application through straight to the HR Managers email add or whoever the person is in-charge of recruitment is. When you are talking to the receptionist and she is still not wanting to give you the email address, you can usually say that you have tried multiple times and there is still no news or the link is broken and you need the HR Manager or Recruitment Managers email address.

Now your application is in their hands and hope that they will be giving you a call soon. You can also choose to follow up with them since you have the details. Just an advice, this is another creative way of getting employed. It is not an easy method and you could get blown off a few times, but if you hit it right, it could be your best opportunity. I believe this is also shows added initiatives and value that you carry simply by showing your interest.

All the best, let me know how it goes.


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