Monday, June 8, 2009


A lot of industries have been quiet for a few months. I am taking this off my head but speaking to a few headhunters lately, advertising, FMCG, manufacturing and production have been relatively quiet. Mainly, due to recruitment and headcount freeze as a cost saving factor and stimulus for business recovery for many of our clients.

Still the IT industry looks ‘ok’. I got a friend in the Enterprise printing business that said numbers are rising and there has been good activity in the banking and IT industry. In the first few months of the year, I could count on one hand how many assignments I had and now, the number of assignments have increased and we are back on our toes.

There are a few reasons why companies need to use headhunters now and they are:

Seeing that, even if they reach out to their future hires though advertisements and referrals, a lot of people generally are not applying because is it not that they are not comfortable with their employments but their current jobs offers security.

Some companies have not done their retrenchment processes properly hence when word gets out especially when unhappy employees have been laid off due to the unhealthy retrenchment process, the company will get a bad name and there will be a second thought to those who want to apply, unfortunately.

Should a company be awarded a sizeable project now, they will definitely emphasize on quality and excellent service delivery not by Malaysian standards because in this difficult times not only that it is hard to find projects and win projects but firms will definitely have to provide better service hence with a project generally employees will stick to their companies.

Well these are a few things I thought of as I write this, this hazy Monday morning. These are a few reasons why companies might have to rely on headhunters to reach out to the market and to assist them in identifying talent for their respectable companies. What I also enjoy most about my job is when I see myself opening doors for my clients too, I recently had a catch up lunch with my client about 3 weeks ago and I propose that they hire a good business development manager to spearhead into the market to bring in new business. This sprung up in my mind learning of my client’s business challenges and about a week or two before that I had a meeting with a good business development manager which now has been hired by my client. Cases like these apply to a lot of other businesses. Learning a clients business and challenges has its importance in relationship building because a deal is not just a deal, everyone can get a deal, but it is how you identify opportunities and also how you are able to find ways and add value to a clients business.

Also look out for a new page I will be creating, it will be my job page. Mainly some of the assignments which I am currently working on to share with you as I have more write ins and it is my part to help the jobseekers obtain jobs in my little way, if I can.

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