Monday, July 13, 2009

Hows it going?

The market has definitely picked up. It has definitely picked comparing to a few months ago. There has been request from both new and present employers for new and specific talent. Especially in technical positions. Specialised technical positions. I've also moved into the Oil and Gas sector, although i am doing alot of R&D at the moment.

Good technical talent are definitely in demand now. Unlike about a year ago, an average talent will have a higher chance on getting employed through one application. Unfortunately especially in these times, the best gets picked up and they do easily. Althought it is difficult to land a job today, there are still plentiful of opportunities. I realise that people are still quite fussy given the fact that they are sometimes unhappy or are unemployed. I try my best now, to help the unemployed by reverse selling them, but the quote 'beggars can't be choosers' have no meaning in their dictionary. I am talking about middle management people.

Well, headhunting for me has been challenging, which is good though. Employers are really cracking my head in searching for talent for them, and seeing that there are an abundance of headhunters out there, my competition is pretty steep and they are also trying to earn a living. I still or i would like to believe that i have a good advantage because, despite of the many openings out there, i am one that understands not only an industry but i have integrity when managing people and their careers. Although i also at times fail to get back to my candidates but as when i do remember, i am sincere as i find it hard to keep track with alot 0f people. I believe all headhunters go through this. On average i meet about 25-30 new candidate a month, which is about 360 candidates a year which means 360 interviews :), 20-30 phone calls a day, 2-3 meetings a day, new and present clients, 20-30 emails,...Which i find truely great!

Well, assignments are now challenging. Employers are very aware of who they hire, because of cost factors and also budgest constraints. You cannot hire someone who is demanding for exhuberant entertaintment allowance to do business, rather you hire someone that is able to bring deals on board or able to think outside the box. Also, i expect employers to be cautious at these times because despite employment, candidates may put up a very good front to join another company to get out of theirs because of uncertainty. So where i am getting to is, us headhunters have to be tactful when we are recruiting in these times because we have to understand our candidates motivation for a move eventhough they have been headhunted and we have to gauge their level of confidence in delivering their performance. Remember we also have KPI's which we account for our dear clients. So recruitment and headhunting is challenging and interesting. I have to say, i enjoy these challenges because there are moer factors involve than just projects or sales KPI's, we have to consider market demands, economic outlook, government tenders and projects, our clients projects, cashflow etc. Most importantly is understanding our clients needs and most importantly which is in our bible, their business.

Although we meet alot of potential employers today, i still have to ask questions like, what are the main projects which our projects managers will be involved in? OR Do you think these sales targets are achievable for the rest of the year? OR Is this the only project that our team lead will be heading? OR Once the business has turn around, does our CEO obtain a more operational or more business orientated role? One of my friends recently placed two candidates in a company that had only one project on hand, but are paying a high premium for technical guys, so my advice is also, to be careful when you are applying for a job :).

I have also been getting more emails and i thank all my readers out there as i hope i can continue to write. Also, if there are any headhunters reading this blog, please email me to see how we are able to work together as my traffic can be pretty high at times and i would love to refer best talents around.


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