Wednesday, July 15, 2009

SPM Results.

Are SPM results still relevant from someone whois earning a five figure salary, who is 35 years old and has a job which requires technical knowledge of risk and compliance, H&S, Maritime or business and technical knowledge?

Apparently it does and it took him three days to obtain that particular certificate. This is a big conglomerate company, and while discussing this is a friend on MSN, this was his response after a few lines and being sacarstic:

"HR Manager: Wow a Masters in Astro-Physics and Degree in Aeronautical Engineering. That would be good for what we do here at Aerospace Bhd, but we really need to see your SPM results la!" - This is coming from a director who's company does R&D for batteries.

Does it still really matter? SPM results? Considering you have other qualifications to shout about? Oh, now both our most important taught subjects in school has been reverted to BM - Bravo!

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