Wednesday, September 9, 2009


It’s been slightly more than a month since I have updated this piece of internet turf of mine. I hope all three of my readers would still come back. A lot has happen over the past month. Other than being busy, I have been brainstorming on new possible business ventures in the HR industry which still has very much to do with headhunting. I’m thinking this will benefit most people and potentially might piss off some employers but, it’s still in its early stages, ‘the idea’. I would like to think of it as a reference tool for everyone.

Market has picked up although has slightly has slowed down due to the fasting month. I have recently closed one of my toughest assignments this year, which took both my client and I 3 months to fulfill, through other Exec Search companies and also their internal recruitment procedures. This was an easier said than done assignment. I had to find someone who has many years of experience, technical experience, in OO technologies, someone like a solution architect and to convince them to change their career path into Quality Assurance. Simple, my client was looking for a QA Analyst and wanted someone very experienced. As most QA positions and roles, most talents perform QA and testing on proprietary software’s ie. IBM rational or Tivoli suites, but what we were looking for, was someone with software development background, project management, team leading, IT strategy to someone who had many years of software implementation. So it was quite a challenging assignment, particularly when convincing someone who has many years of experience in trying out a new role. IT was tough, but we did it. Also, our client is a renowned company that specializes in Decision Analytics, I think by now we can already guess who this client is.

One of the interesting observations which I have made myself of myself during this period is this, I help brand companies. A few things which have happen this year is retrenchment. When companies retrench, people talk. Especially in the SAP industry; which is small. So retrenched staffs tend to get a little vocal and expressed their feelings in websites such as forum. Well it is normal, companies are not able to please everyone, so when this happens, a company’s image can be tainted because when people Google a company name they will stumble upon forums and they come across bad reviews from other people. It’s a free world; it is not filtered so it’s pretty up in the air, what is posted. So when this happens, recruitment becomes difficult because of word that is going around.

So at this point of time, I have been called into assist two companies in their recruitment for two particular positions. Once I have had known of their challenges and had a good meeting, we move forward, laid some possible strategies and went down to the market to perform our search. We had to brand a company, taking time in explaining management’s decision, company strategy as well as business strategies, the immediate challenges etc to potential candidates. It was a two way game, because we had to work very closely with decision makers of the company as well as work closely with the candidate. I had to gauge many of the decisions which the candidate was making as well as managing the overall expectation and the hiring process.

I was very happy to do this even though it was very hard work, but all in all it paid off. We build a very good relationship with the said client and we manage to find them a suitable candidate which was then hired. It was good, I had to brand a company also had to manage a difficult hiring process. Like how Dato’Idris Jala went in to a company which had a big loss but turned it around in a matter of time!