Monday, October 12, 2009

How do you evaluate an opportunity?

I keep thinking about this and i can tell that no master is good at evaluating an opportunity. Accepting a new job or a career change is a big step to alot of people especially those in a senior level related position. It is always a risk.

I always advice my candidates, to think about what lies ahead and how you would be able to see yourself fitting in to an opportunity, adding value and most importantly understanding the companies need and to see if you would see yourself in such a position. An opportunity keeps you awake most of the time until atleast the resignation is over. So....

Things to consider in an opportunity:

Monetory (This we cannot run away from, no matter how people say tht monetary is only a small incentive, yea right!)

Organization (Once you have been in the industry long enough, you know who is who and most importantly, understand the organizations need of such a position)

Team/Boss (Are you managing or who is your superior)

Expectation (Set it right, in the interview, lay down the expectations and be clear of your strenghts and weaknesses that could be a threat to the job. Atleast, be clear of the interview and the job in the first place).

Growth ( Yes, you are here for a Consulting Manager position, but in two years?)

Position (Is this a new challenge to you? Learn up the job scope and understand it completely and this will make the interview an excellent discussion)

TimeFrame (Give yourself a timeframe on your decision to accept a job offer, its easier said than done, but alot of times the hardest decision. On a personal note, i speak to close friends and associates and usually give myself about 5 days for an answer, not from above but from myself :))

If you have been headhunted, try to get the most of the information out of your headhunter, although at times difficult as they could be a little sketchy on the information given by the client but take the extra initiative to do a google search. Research has always served me well, not only for a job but looking for information that could help my candidate.

I just took some of these thoughts out of my head, hope this helps!