Monday, February 8, 2010

Snippets - Recruitment Agencies.

I’ve actually wanted to write this for a while but perhaps the mood is there tonight, but here i go. Over the years I’ve come across a lot of people that do not seem to know the difference between an Executive Search company and a recruitment AGENCY. There is a lot of difference one for sure is fees and the other for sure is quality. I’ll take you down whatever is in my head at the moment. Althought i find it odd but in different industries i find myself explaining to potential candidates what Executive Search is J. Although our profession has been spoilt by alot of recruitment agencies in the market but i find it rather odd that many still do not know what Executive Search is, usually, recruitment, headhunter or recruiter.

Let’s take recruitment agency. The typical recruitment agencies on the top of my mind are those like, Manpower, Kelly Services, Agensi Pekerjaan MatchLink, Jobslink, Jobs2u, JacRecruitment and JenJobs. These are companies at the top of my head at the moment. Alot of times, recruitment agencies are the companies which conduct database search. They will fish out CV’s in their database storage collected from their advertising, interviews, contact, referrals etc. Plentiful of candidates. They typically spend a lot of money in a recruitment management system that enables them to extract CV’s through keywords and certain criterion’s which a recruitment consultant would be looking for a vacancy. Most cases, the CV’s are not updated and candidates are not interviewed. More often also, the recruitment consultants are usually not industry driven or industry professionals. They work on a case basis, whereby they perform key searches on keywords they find throughout the Job Description. Usually no face to face interviews, no client fronting, no proper understanding of the job role and sometimes just lack of knowledge. This in turn could be a good thing and a bad thing, why?

The good thing is, the client would get fast response, although being swarmed by irrelevant CV’s for the job there is atleast 1 out of 10 candidates which is a potential hire. So, there would be volume for the time. Recruitment agencies are excellent companies for multiple industries low-level recruitment, mass recruitment and certain outsourcing functions i.e: payroll. There is a advantage and disadvantage dealing with a recruitment agency. Still i recommend using them but a reputable company. The bad thing is, well, you can figure it out on your own, base on your experiences. Because i can.

Where executive search is concerned – here is the link: