Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hello 2010

Okay I am back. I’ve been slacking but I guess i still have some readers who do check out this turf of mine once in a while. I have to apologize to my loyal readers. I also thank those who have had submitted their CV’s in to me throughout the past two months and I do know I am late in replying, I guess the workload has increased. But, as it is a new year and I have lots to tell, do look out for new posts. I have been gathering lots of material over the past month also and I will begin to update.

Let’s just begin with the market. Yes it has picked up, well comparing to last year at least, it was dead last year. Looking back I am very happy that I made it past last year given the outlook and thankfully a lot of my clients have stood by and supported me with their new recruitment for FY2010.

As I have said many times before when employers start to look for new sales talents, it just shows that the aggressiveness for business is very much there and currently very much alive.
I will update with some interesting material. See you guys soon!

Happy 2010!

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